Free Inquiry at Brown: Year in Review4/26/23, 7pm-8pmSayles Hall, Room 104
The Words that Made Us: America’s Constitutional Conversation with Akhil Amar3/20/23, 6pm-7pmJoukowsky Forum, Watson Institute
Comedy and Cancel Culture: Can Stand Up Go Too Far? With Andrew Schulz, Kmele Foster, Karith Foster, and Andrew Doyle3/2/23, 6pm-7:30pm
Salomon DECI
Asra Nomani on Meritocracy, Islamic Extremism, and “Wokeness” in America2/13/23, 7pm-8pmFriedman Hall, Room 102
What role should the government play in healthcare? – Josh Hammer and Eric Patashnik11/29/22, 7pm-8pmSalomon Center, Room 202
Guest Speaker from FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression) – Nico Perrino11/14/22, 7pm-8pmSayles Hall, Room 204
Follow-Up Discussion on SCOTUS Case11/3/22, 7pm-8pmSayles Hall, Room 105
Is Affirmative Action Constitutional? Commentary on Oral Arguments SCOTUS Case Against Harvard with Cory Liu11/1/22, 7pm-8pmSalomon Center, Room 202
Discussion on Free Inquiry at Brown10/3/22, 6pm-7pmFriedman Hall, 208
Club Fair – Meet our E-Board 9/8/22, 5pm-8pmMain Green

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